Real Estate Agents…How are you REALLY doing?

Listen, you may be “winning” in the real estate market closing deals like crazy BUT how are the other areas of your life…Your spiritual health?  Your Marriage? Your relationship with your children?  How about your health?

Too often we get help for “lead generation” but that really is not the problem.  The problem is we don’t seem to have control of our days or most importantly ourselves.  What that means is loss in your relationships, your health, and the loss of joy and happiness you could be experiencing.   This makes your life a living hell because divorce is devastating, not having a strong life-long relationship with your kids is painful, and not having the health and ability to enjoy the fruits of your hard work is worthless.

So…what can it be like? Keep reading…

It shouldn’t be that way…It can get BETTER!

Well, it can change for you only if you are willing to change and not just invest in your lead generation but invest in YOU.  With my help you can work less hours, making more money all while strengthening your marriage and your relationships.  With my tips, tools, and strategies you can begin to truly develop close and loving relationships with your children, have the freedom to spend time with your family and living your life on your terms not your clients.  You can, with my help, begin to invest in your health and go through your days with energy and vitality giving yourself and your family the lifestyle you both deserve.

Sounds great…what’s next!

Free Breakthrough Session…Don’t postpone your success!

I would like to offer a free breakthrough session with you.  On this one-on-one phone call I will listen to what your current struggles are and offer my thoughts and ideas that could begin to transform your life.

I understand where you may be.  I am still in real estate and own a very successful team in Colorado.  I am married, have four very active kids, and run hard like I am sure you do as well.  Over my 10 years experience in Real Estate I have been able to learn so much and develop systems, tools, and tips that have me working WAY LESS hours than my coworkers but making more money all the while winning in my marriage, my parenting, my health, and my freedom.

So…click the link to schedule a free breakthrough call with me.  Don’t postpone because in doing so you may lose too much.

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Win in Real Estate, Win at Home, and Win in Life.

I am a successful real estate agent in Colorado, been in the business 10 years, and currently own an award winning real estate team.  My true passion is helping successful real estate agents who feel their business and life are out of control to a life “balanced”, on track, and on target towards success in all areas of their life…spiritual, marriage, parenting, and health.  I care a little less about your lead generation and care more about YOU.

I serve my clients (agents) through my Facebook group Real Estate Agents Who Win at Work and Home, my free webinars, and a High Intensity Results Driven 5 Week Coaching Course.  The 5 Week course is only for the agents who are experiencing great success in the marketplace but the others areas of their life are lacking.  With that the coaching course is only offered to the agents that are willing to put just as much time and effort into the areas in their life that have been lacking as they do real estate.  They need to be ready to take immediate action, be incredibly hungry to learn, along with taking responsibility for their success. This coaching course will have agents still crushing it in real estate but working less hours, making more money, and strengthening the other areas of their life that actually do matter the most.

Next Steps…

If interested and curious about the High Intensity Results Driven 5 Week Coaching Course click the link below to schedule a Free Breakthrough Call with Damon.

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